A winter weather advisory was issued for the entire region from Thursday evening to Saturday morning. A strong cold front moving through brings scattered showers and much colder weather.

Temperatures will drop tonight, and scattered showers will continue. Temperatures will be above freezing to start the day on Friday, but temperatures will continue to drop on Friday, so the rain is expected to change to freezing rain by late afternoon and evening, even along the rating.

A depression will develop offshore on Friday. After a lull in precipitation in the morning, wintry weather will resume in the afternoon and continue through Friday evening. The rain will change to freezing rain on Friday and continue Friday evening. It may mix with sleet before ending Saturday morning. Accumulations along the coast will be between one tenth of an inch and one quarter of an inch of ice.

The sun returns later on Saturday, but temperatures will remain below normal through Sunday.

This evening, cloudy, windy and cold with showers of rain. 28 inland depressions, 34 beaches.

Tomorrow, windy and cold with freezing rain and sleet. High 34 interiors, 38 beaches.

Saturday, clearing and cold. Highs 38 inland, 40 beaches.