Mayor Robert Blythe broke the tie to approve the measure


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – There is a new COVID-19 vaccine incentive for City of Richmond employees, up to $500. The single payment plan gets the green light after a heated debate on Tuesday night.

“It’s to encourage them, if they needed anything if they weren’t vaccinated, just something that would help them look at it more positively,” Richmond Mayor Robert Blythe said. who broke the tie in Tuesday’s meeting.

Blythe says he thought long and hard about the decision and heard people’s concerns about the offer of money to get vaccinated.

“People don’t like being told what to do. OK, fine, you told me that, I get that,” Blythe said. “But I’m trying to tell you that we can have a better health situation for all of us if you do this. Whether you love me or not. Whether you like being told what to do or not.

Some Richmond residents think the one-time payment is a good idea to encourage vaccinations without forcing it, even if it’s not something they would participate in themselves.

“There are other people who might encourage them to get vaccinated just because they would be compensated in a way that they could use for other things that they might need help with,” Chris says. O’Bryan, resident of Richmond. “But for me personally, not being vaccinated, that wouldn’t change my view on it.”

Some Richmond residents say that while they don’t know how many people the $500 incentive will convince to get vaccinated, they hope it will convince some to protect the community more.

“I just think everyone needs to stick together and stop fighting each other and get vaccinated and keep going,” says Richmond resident Charles Sullivan.


RICHMOND, Ky. (WTVQ) – After a heated debate and a tie vote that was broken by Mayor Robert Blythe, the City of Richmond will offer a one-time $500 incentive to its employees to get their COVID shots -19, according to the Richmond Register.

The action came at the Richmond City Council of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday.

Commissioners Krystin Arnold and Jim Newby voted against the vaccination premium, while Commissioner Mike Brewer and Ed McDaniel voted for, according to the report.

Each city employee who is fully vaccinated against the coronavirus will receive the incentive pay after submitting proof of vaccination by February 28, 2022 for the first installment and then June 3, 2022 for the final installment, according to the report. . Participation is not compulsory.

The incentive pay is estimated to be around $154,000 and will come from the city’s American Rescue Plan Act money, according to the Richmond Register.

City manager Rob Minerich says incentive pay has been used in other cities, as well as Eastern Kentucky University and the Madison County School Board.

The commissioners also approved the proposed “employee pay bonus,” which pays each employee who has worked throughout the pandemic $1,000 each, according to the report.

The Richmond Register reported the following other cases:

• The Richmond Active Living Center will reopen Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

• A demolition bid has been approved by the commission for the Armory Building on Second Street. The tender was awarded to Southern Contractor of Kentucky LLC of London, Kentucky for $50,000.

• The City Commission voted to approve an ordinance that would authorize an action under KRS 241.069 to seek an additional quota retail package license commensurate with population increase.

• A first meeting of a budget amendment was approved by the Board of Directors to accommodate the city’s expected $4 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds. These funds will go towards employee compensation, incentive pay for vaccines, new police vehicles, bullet-proof vehicle, income loss tourism replacement, ventilation sterilization system at the hotel of town, the Armory Park project, funding for the MadisonHome 2022 program and COVID-19. employee compensation time.

• Walter Brooks Elder has been appointed Deputy Fire Chief.

• The city commission voted to approve an amendment to the city’s budget regarding a project to assist Richmond’s public services with the community development block grant.

• The second reading of an ordinance was heard for the annexation of property within the city limits at 649 Caleast Road. The single parcel of 152.18 acres will be zoned as agriculture. Previously, City Manager Rob Minerich called it “another piece of the puzzle” in terms of city growth near the Dunncannon exit on I-75.

• The commission began an executive session regarding personnel matters relating to a fire department employee who had a disciplinary hearing on Friday. The list of infractions and requirements was drawn up and signed by the employee and accepted by the Council of Commissioners.