Bad winter weather will influence one of the busiest travel days of this year. Across the state, a cold front will cause above-average temperatures and drop them well below average.

It’ll take any rain and turn it to snow. On top of that, the winds will be gusty resulting in slippery roads and reduced visibility for some when the snow blows.

What would you like to know

  • From Thursday evening to Friday morning, the temperature will drop quickly
  • Cold temperatures will cause rain to turn to snow
  • Lake effect snow will also develop
  • We can see dangerous conditions along I-90 and side streets

Those who will be particularly affected are south of the city of Buffalo. A winter storm watch warns of up to a foot of snow in secluded lake-effect snow belts. In the surrounding suburbs, we expect 5 to 9 inches of snow. It’s not snow that will shut the city down, but it will require shoveling.

If you travel east along I-90 from Buffalo, you will encounter more winter conditions. Snow from the lake will also impact Wayne and Cayuga counties. Three to 6 inches of snow will lead to some interesting conditions on the road.

Places like Syracuse and surrounding counties are subject to a winter weather advisory. Three to 6 inches will bring dangerous conditions for those not only on the roads, but those heading to Destiny USA as well.

All Black Friday shoppers will want to band together! In addition to other buyers, you will have to dodge the freezing cold, wind and snow.

North of Syracuse, towards Saranac Lake and the Tug Hill area, other winter storm watches are in place.

We expect more impressive snow totals as the lake effect shifts off Lake Ontario. Four to 10 inches of snow is possible for the most part, while higher areas might see over a foot!

Just like in Buffalo, you will need snowblowers and shovels as well as a lot of patience. The roads will become slippery, and especially in rural areas, the winds will create serious drifts.

All over the state, be sure to use your winter driving skills. Keep your headlights or turn signals on, go at a reasonable speed, make sure you have a snow brush handy and an emergency kit in the car.

Following the rules of the road will ensure that you and your family stay safe after the Thanksgiving vacation.

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