TOKYO (AP) — Toyota is suspending production at all 28 lines of its 14 plants in Japan starting Tuesday, due to a “system malfunction” that a domestic supplier suspects was a cyberattack.

Kojima Industries Corp., based in the city of Toyota in central Japan, said on Monday that the problem could be a cyberattack because an error was detected in its computer server system.

As a result, the company said its system could not properly communicate with Toyota or monitor production, although there were no physical issues with production equipment.

Kojima spokesman Tomohiro Takayama said the company is investigating and working to resolve the issue.

“It’s never happened before,” Takayama said. “We don’t yet know if this is a cyberattack, but we suspect it could be.”

Kojima supplies Toyota with many parts, including air conditioning, steering wheel components, and other vehicle interior and exterior parts.

It was unclear when the problem might be fixed and production could resume.

Toyota Motor Corp., which makes the hybrid Prius and Camry sedan, apologized for inconveniencing customers and promised to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Hino Motors, a Toyota Group truck maker, said two of its production plants in Japan were also affected by a malfunction. The Nikkei business daily reported that Daihatsu Motor Co., a Toyota subsidiary that makes small cars, was also hit and halted production. Daihatsu was not immediately available for comment.

Toyota and other automakers are already grappling with shortages of computer chips and other parts due to disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some customers have been waiting for months for their orders to be delivered.

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