Omicron LIVE Coronavirus News: Delhi and Rajasthan were among several states that reported a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases on Wednesday. Delhi reported 923 new cases on Wednesday, which marks a large increase from the 496 detected a day earlier. The positivity rate also jumped to 1.29%. For the first time in nearly six months, Rajasthan has reported a single-day peak of more than 100 cases.

Among other cities, Mumbai recorded a huge spike, registering 2,510 cases. In addition, 400 infections were detected in Bengaluru, 540 in Kolkata and 294 in Chennai.

Meanwhile, India’s SARS-COV-2 INSACOG genomics consortium said there is now clear experimental and clinical data supporting Omicron’s very high immune escape potential, but early estimates show the severity of the disease is lower than what has been seen in previous outbreaks, said in his latest bulletin citing global data.

In India, appropriate public health measurements and surveys are being carried out for Omicron surveillance, INSACOG said while noting that globally there appears to be a drastically reduced capacity of vaccines or drugs. a previous infection to protect against symptomatic infection with the Omicron variant. “While Delta continues to be the most prevalent VOC in the world, the Omicron variant has completely displaced it to southern Africa and is on track to become the dominant variant in the UK and elsewhere,” INSACOG said. in its bulletin published Wednesday.

The genomics consortium, citing global data, said there is now clear experimental and clinical data supporting the very high immune escape potential of Omicron, which appears to be the main component of its growth advantage over Delta. .

The overall count of Omicron cases in India has risen to 781, according to the Union Health Ministry obtained until 8 a.m. on Wednesday. With 9,195 new cases of Covid-19, the number of active cases in the country has risen to 77,002, according to the data.