In an attempt to bring comfort, US President Joe Biden traveled to Colorado after a wildfire ravaged parts of the state.

The president, who offered hugs and humor, assessed the damage with his wife, Jill.

Residents of the state must rebuild homes and businesses, which were destroyed last week in a rare winter blaze caused by wind.

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The wildfire had burned down densely populated suburbs between Denver and Boulder.

Around 35,000 people have been forced to leave their homes. One victim was identified on Friday, while one person is still missing.

Biden, who arrived in the Harper Lake neighborhood of Louisville on Friday afternoon, walked past the burnt remains of several homes next to damaged structures, which were still standing.

The chief also met with residents and local officials, who were overseeing the response operation.

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Biden, before going to the White House, described the situation as “horrible”.

About 1,100 buildings were destroyed. It also appears to have caused a loss of $ 513 million.

However, the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

State, federal and local agencies, and nonprofit organizations provide housing assistance, food, allowances, counseling, and other assistance to residents.

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