While Matter has yet to come to fruition, there is a new update for Thread edge routers. A new update today, Thread 1.3.0, will now allow Thread devices to work with any other Thread edge router, including Apple’s HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K.

As the universal smart home standard, Matter will make setting up your smartphone easier than ever. Thread, along with Wi-Fi, will be the primary wireless protocol that Matter will run on. Whenever Matter arrives, possibly later this year, a Thread-enabled Matter device can join current Thread networks through border routers.

According The edge, Apple TV 4K, HomePod mini, Nanosheet light panels, among others, can be upgraded by the manufacturer to a Thread 1.3.0 edge router. While Apple and Nanoleaf are already border routers, they are backward compatible with older versions of Thread.

Jonathan Hui, VP of Technology for Thread Group, said The edge:

From a technical standpoint, anything currently running as a Thread edge router can be updated.

Thread 1.3.0 makes border router appear on Wi-Fi [network] like any other Wi-Fi device, allowing any existing device on the Wi-Fi network to interact with these Thread devices without requiring special software.

The Thread border router feature now becomes standard with the Thread 1.3.0 update. With this, border routers from different manufacturers can easily join the same Thread network.

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