Grant’s Thursday Night Forecast

NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Much warmer weather began to return to New Mexico on Thursday. Temperatures continue to climb into Sunday with near record high temperatures possible.

A return Thursday to your regular spring programming. High temperatures on Thursday afternoon returned to late March averages. At night, temperatures won’t be as cool either. This warming trend that really started this afternoon will continue throughout the weekend.

High pressure will build over New Mexico on Saturday and Sunday, bringing near record high temperatures Sunday afternoon, and by far the hottest weather we’ve seen so far this year. It will also be the nicest weekend we have seen so far this year, even if the cloud cover sets in.

Changes are on the way again next week. Temperatures will remain warm Monday afternoon, but a storm system will begin to approach the state. Winds are increasing Monday afternoon ahead of this storm which will sweep a cold front over New Mexico on Tuesday morning.

Mountain rain and snow will develop Tuesday in western New Mexico, the Rio Grande Valley and upstate, but will struggle to break through the central mountain range. Meanwhile, in far southern New Mexico and the eastern half of the state, strong winds will develop Tuesday afternoon.

The storm dissipates Wednesday evening as temperatures remain cooler.