The latest 8-14 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, covering the period Dec. 3-9, calls for a chance of above-normal temperatures over much of the western three-quarters of the lower 48 states. The odds are highest on the Central Plains in the southwestern United States. On the flip side, much of Alaska and Florida has an increased risk of below normal temperatures during the same time period. Keep in mind that the normal high temperature in north central Wisconsin around December 5 is near 30 degrees and the normal low temperature is around 15 degrees.

It has been rather dry in much of our area for the past 6 weeks, and overall it could continue. Despite a few small systems recently arrived, the CPC outlook for December 3-9 indicates a likelihood of below normal precipitation from Wisconsin west to parts of Montana and south across the plains to Texas and Texas. New Mexico. it may be wetter than usual in the Pacific Northwest.

8-14 day precipitation

This is certainly not the best news for cross-country ski and snowmobile enthusiasts. It looks like we may not be having an early start to the season. Hopefully we will have enough snow to at least cover the ground and insulate it so that we don’t have issues with pipes freezing and damaging crops. Stay tuned to News 9 for updates!

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