An area of ​​low pressure will bring the potential for severe weather to the southeast today with all possible severe weather modes. Additionally, we will locally see heavy rain and the risk of flash flooding, especially across Appalachia.

As a surface low pressure system dips south in the Carolinas on Monday, a few severe storms will be possible. The SPC highlights southern Virginia through northern Georgia for Monday’s time frame. We have a SLIGHT risk (Level 2 out of 5) of severe storms in central North Carolina on Monday afternoon. All severe weather modes are possible, including the risk of tornadoes across central North Carolina.

A few severe thunderstorms will be possible on Monday as low trails cross the Carolinas. The main time of severe storm threat will be in the afternoon and evening.

Although we have no forecast for severe weather on Tuesday, a few heavy storms will impact the Carolinas throughout the day. We have remaining storms as of Tuesday morning and persistent storms into the afternoon and evening. Another low pressure system will plunge out of the central plains on Tuesday evening, bringing severe weather and wet weather to the south by Wednesday.

High flood potential will be concentrated in Appalachia and the south central for Monday as rain and storms move through those areas. This is bad news, given the saturation of the soil due to recent rains and, in some cases, catastrophic flooding that occurred less than a month ago. Rainfall totals will be in the range of 1-2″ inland and over 3″ for coastal communities.

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