The core of the colder air moved just east of the Chippewa Valley, with negative lows this morning remaining east of Hwy 53. The colder air was in the Merrill-Tomahawk-Rhinelander area where temperatures were near -20. Eau Claire has bottomed out at zero with lows west of 53 ranging from 1 to 4 degrees by midnight.

Temperatures this afternoon were between 20 and 30 for the most part, with areas near the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers climbing near or even above freezing!

Almanac Hi-Lo 14 days TODAY.png

Eau Claire has remained below freezing and has not had a temperature of 32 or higher since December 27. Much of that time has been spent with single-digit or below zero declines.

In the past two weeks, Eau Claire has had only one low temperature above 10 (Saturday morning) and half of the days in the past two weeks have had a negative low.

Average temperature trend graph 2018.png

It is, on average, the coldest time of the year. The average high and low temperatures of Eau Claire reached a low during the second half of January. The coldest highs, on average, occur about a week earlier than the colder lows.

The average maximum of Eau Claire will rise to 24 on January 27 and the average minimum will rise to 6 on February 2. Our temperatures will remain above average for the next few days.

Status - GRAF PM Clouds and Precip - Futurecast.png

There will be a few low chances of snow during this time. The first arrives late this evening until tomorrow morning, but only expect a few showers with little to no accumulation. A better chance of snow accumulation will arrive tomorrow night and should be out early Thursday morning. This round won’t bring much build-up either, but a two-inch track is possible. The main impact of this system will be for the commute to work on Thursday morning.

Status - GFS PM EXT - Futurecast.png

We continue to watch for the possibility of higher accumulations with a Friday through Saturday morning system, but today’s forecast shows that is moving westward. If this trend continues, western Wisconsin could be completely missed. For now, we will keep it in the “luck” category, but it will need to be lowered to slight if this trend continues over the next two forecasts.

Another light snowfall is possible on Sunday after a colder weekend, but so far no negative effects are expected other than a possibility of negative lows north and east of Eau Claire de Friday evening to Saturday morning.

Aside from Friday and Saturday, temperatures appear to stay near or above average over the next week, although the long-term forecast is again very cold.

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Matt was promoted to Chief Meteorologist in 2019. He started as a Saturday Night Meteorologist in September 2014 before being promoted to Evening Meteorologist in 2016. Born and raised in Sheboygan, WI, Matt enjoys everything about this great state, including the experience of the four seasons. and deer hunting. He enjoys forecasting all types of weather and does so while cheering on all of the Wisconsin sports teams!