British airborne early warning radar on a Chinese surveillance plane

Complaint of reports Russia and Israel exported weapons to China earlier. The EU had previously imposed an arms embargo on China after the Tian’anmen Square Massacre of 1989. However, European countries assured that they could use the dual-use technology loophole for doing business with China.

A report listed the following European weaponry equipment used by China, including french sonaranti-submarine war helicopters on Chinese, French and German destroyers diesel engines on surface warships, British jet engines on PLA fighter-bombers.

The list also included British Airborne Early Warning radar on Chinese surveillance planes, Eurocopter designs for attack and transport helicopters and diesel engines of German design from MTU Friedrichschafe on a large number of the Chinese submarine fleet.

The sale of components ensured European arms companies continued to do brisk business with the communist nation.

In fact, a report stated earlier that European Union countries granted 922 licenses to sell $259 million worth of arms to Russia in 2012.

(Photograph: AFP)