PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Regulators will pass a plan to require lobsters to install electronic trackers on their boats this spring.

The American Lobster Management Board discussed the plan this week before deciding more time was needed to assess the issues.

Steve Train, a lobster fisherman from Long Island, Maine, said it’s important that lobster fishers adhere to the rules. They are concerned about the cost, purpose and confidentiality of the proposal.

Maine Public reports that scientists and conservationists support the electronic tracking program.

The tracking devices would record the vessel’s location as it fishes, giving regulators better data to get a sense of where the lobsters are in the ocean, she said.

The new rules could also help protect North Atlantic right whales, which are vulnerable to traps.

The lobster board, an arm of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, will take up the issue at its spring meeting.

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