Nine Network political editor Chris Uhlmann now poses a very direct question to Xiao, which turns into an interesting exchange between the two.

Uhlmann asks Xiao why China has “occupied and militarized” the South China Sea in violation of international law. He also asks about human rights, illegal cyberattacks and why China recently threatened an Australian Air Force plane.

“Well, I mean, is that a statement? You have no questions?” Xiao jokes.

Uhlmann responds, “I’m making a few observations, you were talking about (negative) reporting. I was wondering why you think people don’t see these things as negative politics?”

Xiao said China will “continue to stick to its position of protecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity” in the South China Sea.

“You talked about the plane incident,” he continued.

“May I stress that this incident was very unfortunate.

“It happened in a particular place. This place is within the territorial space of an island that belongs to China.”

Xiao then uses a kind of voyeur/armed stalker analogy.

“So it’s like you – you’re in your house, in your compound, someone’s driving, carrying a gun and trying to look out your windows, see what you’re doing, with your family and what you’re up to. talk about between your family members.

“You would feel threatened and uncomfortable. So you have to come out and tell those people to keep their distance.”