Power outages caused problems for some families in the Houston area preparing Thanksgiving meals.

Residents of Hill Country Drive near Conroe said they spent most of the day Thursday without power.

“I was crazy all day,” said resident Mike Wahrenberger. “Frustrated and crazy. “

Wahrenberger was quick to talk about the impact of the blackout on his family’s plans for an afternoon Thanksgiving meal.

“It actually blinked a few times, you know, no longer than a minute,” Wahrenberger said. “Long enough to have hope and start trying to get whatever you had left or we just start getting ready again and it was just… it ended up ruining everything, so we threw it all away.”

So what did they do instead?

“We went to Denny’s,” he says.

Entergy told KPRC 2 that lightning damaged some equipment in the area. Neighbors said power was restored around 5:15 p.m.

Other families also faced electricity problems during the holidays.

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“I said to myself: ‘oh my God! We’ve been cooking this turkey for 40 minutes for 40 minutes, so how are we going to end this? Said Frank Essig, an owner who lives near Spring.

Essig said the lights went out around 10:40 a.m. after already loading the turkey into the oven. Luckily he has a generator and the bird was saved. Essig ended up inviting other neighbors without electricity.

He called the blackout a big inconvenience.

“The worst day you could think of for [have] something like that is going on, but we just said, “Let’s be thankful that we are all here, we are all healthy, we are lucky to be together and to be able to celebrate this wonderful holiday,” Essig said.

CenterPoint Energy said strong winds crossed the area in the morning, cutting two main lines.

Essig learned that his power was restored at around 4:45 p.m.

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