CONCORD, NH (AP) – Authorities arrived at Harmony Montgomery’s last known residence on Saturday to investigate the disappearance of the New Hampshire girl, who went missing in 2019 at the age of 5 but was not only reported missing at the end of last year.

Law enforcement was working out of a house in Manchester, said State Attorney General John M. Formella, Hillsborough County Attorney John Coughlin and Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg. Details were not disclosed.

Harmony’s father and mother-in-law were arrested on charges related to his welfare.

Adam Montgomery, 31, has been charged with charges including not having had Harmony in his custody. Kayla Montgomery, 31, has been charged with welfare fraud on suspicion of obtaining $ 1,500 in food stamps from December 2019 to June 2021 for Harmony at a time when the girl was not living with Kayla and Adam.

Both have pleaded not guilty.

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Police first learned that Harmony may have been missing when they received a call from the girl’s mother in November. She had been trying to locate the girl for months, police said.

Police say they contacted Adam Montgomery and other family members in late December. An affidavit said police told her Harmony “had not been physically observed for over two years and that we were wondering if she was still alive.”

Police are still asking the public for help in locating Harmony, Formella said in a statement. Anyone with information can call 603-203-6060, he said. Manchester Police also said a reward for information that helps find Harmony has also increased to $ 94,000 through local donations, WMUR-TV reported.

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