A polar bear has been rescued after it got its tongue stuck in a can of condensed milk while roaming an arctic outpost in northern Russia.

The two-year-old female was rescued after she was spotted by local residents wandering through huts in a village in the remote Dikson settlement on Wednesday.

The bear was rescued by a Moscow Zoo team who flew in to tranquilize the animal with a dart and removed the sharp metal from its mouth, treating cuts to its tongue.

Mikhail Alshinetsky, a zoo veterinarian, said the bear was skinny and a little dehydrated, but his wounds should heal.

In a report released this week, scientists from Canada and the United States warned that hungry polar bears are increasingly turning to landfills to fill their stomachs as their habitat disappears due to climate change.

Photo: Nornickel/Reuters

Scientists have said human waste is an emerging threat to vulnerable populations of polar bears as the animals become increasingly dependent on landfills near northern communities in places like Russia, Canada and the United States. Alaska.

Svetlana Akulova, director general of the Moscow Zoo, said the next big step for the bear is its recovery from anesthesia, with specialists watching nearby.

“We hope everything will be fine. We left some fish near the bear because she had been without food or water for quite a long time,” she said.

The bear will remain under observation for several days, then it will be returned to its natural habitat with a supply of fish.

Polar bears depend on sea ice to hunt seals. But with the Arctic warming four times faster than the rest of the world, sea ice is melting earlier in the summer and freezing later in the fall.

This forces the bears to spend more time on land, away from their natural prey.

Dikson is a port and is one of the northernmost settlements in the world.