Sunny skies, lower dew points, highs in the 70s-80s, no rain…could we ask for more?

It’s a perfect afternoon. Our wind remains light, and our temperatures tonight will remain comfortable with clear skies.

With a further change in wind direction, our temperatures will rise tomorrow to highs in the upper 80s. It will be the hottest day of the week, we are also looking at the 80s for Boston but the 90s inland. Our skies will remain mostly sunny, but with the increase in humidity we will also see more cloud filling in until late afternoon.

A backdoor cold front will lower temperatures along the coast and Boston on Tuesday. While temperatures hit the 80s in western Massachusetts, our 70s remain for Boston with the possibility of an upper 60s if the sea breeze persists for Boston.

The chance of rain will increase from Tuesday evening through Wednesday, with scattered rainfall spreading across much of New England. Our chance of rain will hold through the end of the week with mostly sunny skies next weekend and overall highs in the 60s to 70s for Boston, warmer inland.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific Ocean, we track our first hurricane of the Pacific Ocean season. It strengthened into a hurricane while slowly advancing towards Mexico. This tropical cyclone is expected to bring more than 10 inches of precipitation, with a high risk of flooding, mudslides and destruction for affected communities. Exiting through the Gulf of Mexico, this tropical cyclone could continue its course towards the Atlantic – still too early to cancel it – we will monitor it; a better forecast can be expected by next weekend.