Emergency first responders are starting to prepare for the potential for severe weather on Saturday. According to, about 900 people are killed in the United States each year in snow vehicle crashes

Gale Blomenkamp, ​​deputy chief of fire protection for Boone County, says awareness is key to their preparation. He said he asked all his crews to make sure they have the tools they need to work in the worst weather conditions.

“The worst case is ice. It’s very difficult for us to go up fairways, up any kind of rural road. We have many narrow and steep roads in Boone County all over the area. walking up the aisles to a resident who may have a medical problem or a fire, ”Blomenkamp said.

Blomenkamp said his agency is checking with his teams, making sure they have additional items on hand like melting ice and shovels if a situation calls for it.

Lt. David Williams, of the Jefferson City Police Department, said, if possible, to avoid driving until road conditions improve. If you must travel, be sure to leave early, turn on your headlights, and stay close to other vehicles.

Williams also said it might be helpful to download a weather alert app such as Intelligent 911 or use websites such as MoDot Traveler Card for information on road conditions.

Blomenkamp said the challenge is to reach the victim in these weather conditions.

“It’s about getting to the scene in a timely and safe manner. So we need to have extended response times in inclement weather. Every fire department, every emergency service does it through this. That will delay you and slow you down because you have to get there safely to do good to start, ”said Blomenkamp.

Blomenkamp advises you if you are involved in an accident and there are no injuries and no one is drunk, please park in a safe place and exchange information with the other driver involved .