Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan received his first taunt penalty in nearly 14 NFL seasons in a Week 17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, reported for extracurricular activities following a game which was scored by a touchdown and reversed after examination.

The call raised eyebrows at the time. So was the late no-appeal after Ryan rushed into the end zone.

And while the game was reversed, the flag actually thrown remained. The apparently missed offense could not be added after review.

No? Need more details? Then read this: Our Tori McElhaney does a great job of putting this whole controversial streak in its proper context, so please read that to understand the madness of a series of events that took a Falcons touchdown off the board and pushed it back. The team’s 15-yard offense after a practice that ended without Atlanta scoring any points.

There is another turning point in this strange sequence. In addition to the flag, Ryan was again penalized for the same act.

The league fined him $ 10,300 for taunting, NFL Network reported on Saturday afternoon.

Ryan said after the loss to Buffalo that the taunt flag surprised him, that he didn’t think “that was something this wrong.”

While Ryan is known to drop a bad word or two, he is widely recognized for his professionalism on and off the pitch. Neither Ryan nor Bills security Jordan Poyer, the other party involved in the play, has revealed what was said. Ryan said he didn’t consider him worthy of a flag.

“Frankly, I didn’t think it was a joke,” Ryan said in his post-game press conference. “But that’s my opinion.”

Ryan also understood that lamenting the streak that hampered the Falcons’ return attempt wouldn’t change the event.

“It’s just disappointing how much that rocked,” Ryan said. “Whether I agree with either of the calls makes no difference. These are the rules. “