Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, left, and US President Joe Biden hold a meeting during the Quad Leaders Summit at Kantei in Tokyo, Japan on May 24. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

US President Joe Biden says he and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi – who has been reluctant to condemn Russia’s war in Ukraine — would discuss the “brutal and unjustified” conflict on Tuesday.

Biden and Modi are meeting on the sidelines of the Quad Summit, which is taking place in Tokyo and includes their counterparts from Japan and Australia.

Speaking to reporters, Biden raised the effect the war had “on the whole global world order”.

“The United States and India will continue to consult closely on how to mitigate these negative effects,” Biden said.
“There is so much our countries can and will do together, and I am committed to making the U.S.-India partnership one of the closest we have on Earth.”

India is the only member of the Quad to have yet condemned Russia’s actions or imposed sanctions on Moscow.

Modi then delivered his remarks, calling the Quad meetings “very positive and productive”. He hailed the US-India relationship as “a trusted partnership” and a force for global good, stressing their “common interests and shared values” as well as economic cooperation.

He did not mention the war in Ukraine.

A quip from Biden: After the two leaders spoke, they sat for a moment to allow press photos – a brief silence broken almost immediately by reporters shouting questions about Russia.

“Will you push Prime Minister Modi to take a tougher stance on Russia? said a reporter. Another asked: “Have you asked Prime Minister Modi to wean himself off Russian oil?

Neither leader responded – but Biden gave Modi a wry look, raised his eyebrows and said: “Welcome to the American press.”

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