The ‘Not in my Marine Corps’ advocacy group, started by former Navy and Defense Department official Erin Kirk Cuomo, called on leaders to support female service members and families in areas where bans abortion started to take effect. The group has worked to raise awareness about sexual assault in the military.

The group calls on department and Virginia leaders to:

  • Push for “compassionate reassignment” policies to allow active duty women (and families) currently serving in states with trigger laws to appeal for reassignment
  • Ensure that service members in need of abortions will be able to cross state lines
  • End the Hyde Amendment so military bases can provide more abortion care.
  • “It will be interesting to see what the DoD comes out with in the next few days. We’ve known this is going to happen for months now, so they should have been working on those policies,” Cuomo added.

    Due to the Hyde Amendment, the department’s military medical program does not routinely perform abortions, so service members rely on state providers.

    Earlier this month, the senses. Kirsten Gillibrand, DN.Y., Jeanne Shaheen, DN.H., and Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, introduced legislation that did not call for a complete repeal of Hyde, but for a more personalized change in policy allowing military doctors on military bases to provide access to abortions for military personnel. There is a related bill in the House.

    “While states like New York will remain a haven for reproductive freedom, the reproductive rights of women serving at Fort Hood in Texas or in other conservative states could be at risk,” Gillibrand wrote, introducing the bill.