With continued freezing temperatures in the forecast, AEP Ohio, an American Electric Power (NYSE: AEP) company, is reminding customers how they can better manage their winter power bills.

AEP Ohio’s Average Monthly Payment Plan (AMP) is a simple way to spread heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Customers will pay roughly the same amount during the winter and summer months as during the off-peak months.

“The freezing cold means your home’s heating is working overtime and will likely result in higher electric bills,” said Jon Williams, general manager of customer experience for AEP Ohio. “We want customers to know there is a program to help them. With AMP, you’ll essentially know what you’re going to pay each month, which can be a welcome relief, especially during extreme temperature swings.

The AMP plan provides monthly payments on a rolling 12-month average. Each month, the oldest invoice is removed from the average and the current month’s invoice is added. The result is a payment that may go up or down by a few dollars but will remain relatively stable each month. The AMP differs from the company’s budget plan which includes a month of “set-up”.

AEP Ohio customers can enroll in AMP by calling the company’s 24-hour Customer Operations Center at 800-672-2231 or by logging into their account and updating their billing preferences. .

To learn more about the AMP plan, visit AEPOhio.com/AMP.