The National Weather Service said Tuesday that the Kansas City area could experience severe weather late in the afternoon and overnight. Possible hazards include high winds and flash flooding.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service on Tuesday warned of possible severe weather phenomena which may affect parts of the Kansas City Metro in the late afternoon or at night, including high winds and flash flooding.

Storms were moving through northeast Kansas Tuesday and developing along a cold front that posed a primary risk of high winds, the Topeka Weather Service office reported Tuesday. In Kansas City, the Weather Service said wind gusts reaching speeds as high as 60 mph pose the greatest potential danger.

Other possible hazards included flash flooding and quarter-size hail.

A graph shared by the weather service showed a slight risk of thunderstorm activity in northern parts of the metro, including Kansas City, Kansas and parts of Northland. Other nearby towns facing possible dangers were St. Joseph and Leavenworth.

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