The Russian military said it would hold fire and open humanitarian corridors in several Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv and Mariupol, from 10 a.m. Moscow time (7 a.m. UK) today.

The corridors, which will also be open from the cities of Kharkiv and Sumy, are set up at the personal request of French President Emmanuel Macron, Interfax news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry as saying.

According to maps published by the RIA news agency and seen by Reuters, the Kiev corridor will lead to Belarus, and civilians in Kharkiv will only have one corridor leading to Russia.

Mariupol and Sumy corridors will lead both to other Ukrainian cities and to Russia.

Those who want to leave Kyiv will also be able to be flown to Russia, the ministry said, adding that it would use drones to monitor the evacuation and that “attempts by the Ukrainian side to deceive Russia and the whole civilized world… are useless”. this time”.

Over the weekend, Ukraine said Russian shelling of eastern towns, including the port of Mariupol, was preventing residents from evacuating the area along corridors agreed in the latest round of talks. cease fire.

Invasion in Ukraine: Live Updates

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The city council called off a second evacuation attempt on Sunday, saying Russian forces had again broken the agreement to suspend hostilities until the evening.

Ukrainian authorities said they planned to evacuate more than 200,000 civilians, half the city’s population.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said the evacuations failed in part because the the two sides had not agreed on a clear plan.

A third round of talks between Russian and Ukrainian leaders is scheduled for Monday.

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The Ukrainian General Staff said Russian forces were keen to continue their offensive, opening fire on the town of Mykolaiv, 480 km south of the capital Kiev.

Rescuers said they were putting out fires in residential areas caused by rocket attacks.

The shelling also continued in the suburbs of Kiev, notably in Irpin, which was cut off from electricity, water and heating for three days.

Meanwhile, a total of around 1.067 million Ukrainians have fled to Poland since the invasion began on February 24, including 142,300 on Sunday, Polish border guards said.

“Traffic at the Polish-Ukrainian border is increasing, today at 07:00 42,000 people arrived in Poland from Ukraine,” the border guard wrote on Twitter.

Elsewhere, oil prices reached their highest levels since 2008 in Asian trade after the Biden administration said it was considering banning Russian oil imports.

Russia provides 7% of the world’s supply.

Japan, which counts Russia as its fifth-largest supplier of crude oil, is also in talks with the United States and European countries over whether to ban imports of Russian oil, Kyodo News reported Monday.