A break in time gave PennDOT a chance to come out and do something about the tire breakers.

One team was on cold potholes on Monday. As usual, the winter freeze-thaw cycle was not favorable to the roads in Warren County.

The cold patch isn’t a long-term solution, but should provide some relief to motorists until hot patch hardware becomes available next month.

“This is a temporary cold patch,” said maintenance manager Adam Elms. “The goal is to smooth the tires and keep people moving. Hopefully some of that will last.

“If you see a pothole today and we fix it, the next time it rains or snows there’s a good chance the cold mix will return,” said Elms.

Times Observer photos by Brian Ferry A PennDOT crew applies a temporary cold pothole patch to a “tire breaker” Monday on Miller Hill Road in Farmington Township.

The patch material is a mixture of oil and stone emulsion.

Workers shovel the hot material by hand, throw it into the worst potholes, tamp it down (also by hand), scoop up the excess, and move on.

“We hope that in mid-April we can start the permanent patches”, said Elms.

On Monday, the crew managed the length of Miller Hill Road between Jackson Run Road and Route 957.

With forecasts calling for possible snow over the weekend, patching may need to be put on hold. Crews will be ready to get back into their snowplow trucks.

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