Harry Garside’s first defense of his Australian lightweight title was a resounding success, as the Olympian dismantled Layton McFerran until the referee called off the fight in the seventh round.

Going to Men At Work’s “Down Under” and sporting a vest that had “Aussie Harry” on it on the back, Garside truly lived up to his description of being the most patriotic man in the country.

Round one started with McFerran landing a big shot on Garside, before the Olympian retaliated with a thunderous header.

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He continued to sink between shots to McFerran’s body and up the stairs, moving around the ring with ease.

Garside also gave an early answer to a major question in the build-up to the fight of whether he would stand up or sit down between rounds.

As he did against Matet, the 24-year-old refused to sit on the stool and McFerran did the same.

Garside continued to land heavy punches throughout the early rounds as McFerran continued to land the punches.

Harry Garside celebrates his victory.Source: FOX SPORTS

The Tasmanian did his best to respond but return punches were too rare as Garside continued to increase the volume of the punches with his fluid movement around the ring.

The middle rounds saw Garside find his target with ease, although McFerran shook his head at one point in the fifth as if to say his opponent couldn’t do any damage.

However, he had to feel the shots in the sixth as Garside unleashed a barrage of strikes on McFerran, who began to lose his legs and struggled to defend or dismiss anything.

Although McFerran went out of his way to fight back at the start of the seventh, that didn’t stop Garside from dancing around the ring like he was barely tired.

In the end, a combo from Garside in the same round forced the referee to stop and call the fight early, as the boy from Lilydale picked up a convincing win.

“It’s a great stop. Maybe late is a big stoppage,” boxing great Jeff Fenech said during the Main Event.

An illegal throw triggers a SCUFFLE after the fight | 01:02

It was a standout effort from Garside, who had only fought 35 days earlier in a ten-round slugfest against Manuer Matet to win the Australian lightweight title.

Speaking after the fight, Garside praised McFerran’s undeniable toughness.

“It was a bloody and tough fight. I knew it would be tough, Tasmanians are all badass and Layton is a badass,” said Garside.

“I had a few hand injuries (after the short time)… I didn’t want to let the Australian fans, the Newcastle fans down. I always wanted to fight here, I couldn’t say no.

He later explained that his hands were “pretty screwed up” even at night.

Barry Michael described McFerran as “brave beyond belief”, while Garside was applauded for his sportsmanship for immediately going to his opponent after the stoppage and congratulating him on the fight.