At 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, NBC goes into special report mode for the first hearing led by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack. CBS will air a special entitled “Capitol Assault Hearings”. On ABC, for a two-hour block, its usual prime-time lineup will be replaced with “Attack on the Capitol: The Investigation – An ABC News Special.” MSNBC and CNN will have wall-to-wall coverage all night.

There will be a significant outlier, however: Fox News, the top-rated cable news network, said Monday it would stick to its regular lineup during the hearings, with Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham proceeding as they usually would.

The network said in a statement Monday that its primetime hosts “will cover ratings as the news warrants.”

The anchors had a bad opinion of the committee. Mr. Carlson called the committee “grotesque” on his Monday night show, and Mr. Hannity called the group of five Democrats and two Republicans “bogus” on his 9 p.m. show.

Fox News will cover the hearings live — with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum anchored — but on Fox Business, a lower-rated cable network. Fox News Media said in a statement that local Fox affiliates across the country may pick up the Fox Business feed, which will also run on Fox’s website as well as its standalone app, Fox Nation.

The network said Mr. Baier and Ms. MacCallum would appear on the Fox News cable network, but it would not be during prime time. They will appear at 11 p.m., preempting an episode of the network’s late-night show, “Gutfeld!”, for a two-hour special.