BAYFIELD — A fire in Bayfield on Saturday burned one building “to the ground” and spread to the building next door, according to an eyewitness.

Joseph Newago, a server at the Manypenny Bistro a block from the fire, told the News Tribune by phone that the fire caused the building at 239 Manypenny Avenue to collapse.

He said he was not aware of anyone injured in the fire. The Bayfield Police Department, Bayfield County Sheriff’s Department and Bayfield Community Fire and Ambulance Department did not immediately respond to calls from the News Tribune.

The fire spread to the neighboring building, 39 S. Broad St., which is owned by Esme Martinson, who purchased the building last month with her fiancé Josh Pearson. Martinson, a real estate agent, told the News Tribune she was going to use the commercial space for a brokerage she had just started. Martinson said a tenant also lived on the second floor and they got out safely.

At around 2:45 p.m., she described the fire as “smoldering.” Although she wasn’t sure of the extent of the damage, she expected it to be significant.

“The other building fell on our building – on the south side,” Martinson said. “And both sides look pretty burnt, and they’ve vented the roof and it’s been filled with water.”