Summer doesn’t leave without one more party.

The calendar may say “Welcome Fall”, but temperatures around the Cape Fear area will be more like mid-July. A strong summer high ridge will give us another taste of warmth before heading out later this week.

Meanwhile, Fiona will begin her long northward ascent well offshore – but who’s sneaking up behind?

Lots to unpack, so let’s get started.

Here is the setup

For a week, the Carolinas actually had seasonal temperatures, with highs in the mid-80s and lows dipping into the upper 50s.

We will be seasonal again – but not for a few days. Instead, a summer heat ridge is building across southeast Texas, bringing much warmer temperatures to the Cape Fear region. Look for highs in Fayetteville to hit the mid-90s by Wednesday. Dew points will also climb, but the forecast is dry.

Later in the week a strong cold front will enter the state, likely late Thursday. This will again bring a chance of showers and cooler weather, and dew points dropping into the 40s.

The weekend

Friday and Saturday should be beautiful in Fayetteville. Friday’s highs may not exceed the upper 70s, and temperatures as prep kicks off look like the upper 60s. Now THIS looks more like fall!

As Fiona moves north, keep an eye out for the tropical waves behind her.

In the tropics

Fiona should start spinning northwest, then north, after hammering Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The front bringing us cooler weather will hook the storm well off the southeast coast later this week, with strong surf and rip currents affecting the Carolinas.

Meanwhile, the wave train continues to cross the Atlantic to the African coasts. Some subtle differences in mid-level winds should reduce the inhospitable conditions that tore apart potential storms. As Fiona leaves, keep an eye out for future development.

Have a good week!

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