After facing off for a few days on the practice field, the Detroit Lions and Indianapolis Colts will face off for four quarters on Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

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Ongoing: Lions hunt for Q4 first seed

Departure by car: DET 15 (1:35 p.m. 4th)

Tim Boyle opens practice for the Lions with an 11-yard throw to Trinity Benson. A holding penalty on the next play sets up the first-and-20 at 19. Boyle then escapes the pocket on the third-and-6 and scrambles for the 9 to keep the player alive.

Godwin Igwebuike rushes for 9 yards on first down and Boyle is sacked for a loss of 8 on second down before a 12-yard throw on third-and-9 keeps the drive alive.

Lions get defensive save to end 4th quarter

Training start: IND 34 (1:15 3rd)

The Lions (Savion Smith) and Colts (Mike Strachan) take penalty penalties to start Indy’s next practice.

Jack Coan completes a 12-yard pass to DeMichael Harris that ends the third quarter.

END 3: Lions 20, Colts 20

After the Colts go third and 11, John Cominsky offers a third sack from Coan.

Lions 20, Foals 20 (13:35 4th)

Offenses cool as Lions restart at 3 and out

Car start: DET 16 (2:35 3rd)

The Lions start their practice with a 9-yard run from Justin Jackson, but it’s waived for a second down loss and Tim Boyle’s third pitch is broken. The Lions will kick.

Lions 20, Foals 20 (1:16 3rd)

Lions Defense Forces 3 and out

Start: IND 23 (4:35 3rd)

Former Wisconsin Badger Jack Coan is the Colts quarterback.

A missed snap on second-and-6 puts the Colts at third-and-10. The Lions defense covers well and forces Coan to clear the ball for little gain. The Colts will kick.

Lions 20, Foals 20 (2:35 3rd)

Lions go 3-and-out after allowing a long touchdown

Car start: DET 25 (6:41 3rd)

A sack and a loss of 5 on first down puts Tim Boyle and the Lions offense in a hole they can’t recover from. Detroit will kick.

Lions 20, Colts 20 (4:35 3rd)

The Colts 50-yard touchdown pass game at 20-20

Start: IND 32 (9:26 3rd)

The Lions quickly force third and third, but the Colts convert with a 7-yard completion to give themselves another set of downs at 46.

A play later, Ehlinger comes out of a closing pocket and throws the ball downfield for a wide-open Desmond Patmon, who drops into the end zone for a 50-yard score. Draw once again.

Lions 20, Colts 20 (6:41 3rd)

Kennedy’s second touchdown gives Lions a 20-13 lead

Car start: DET 39 (12:59 3rd)

Tim Boyle enters the game at quarterback for the Lions.

Justin Jackson rips the right edge on first down for a 21-yard gain to give Detroit the ball to the Colts 40.

After Trinity Benson lands a first down with a 7-yard reception, Godwin Igwebuike shakes off a defender in the backfield and shoots to the middle for 17 yards.

The Colts force a third and a 7-for-10, but Boyle sends a touchdown pass to Tom Kennedy, his second of the game.

Lions 20, Colts 13 (9:31 3rd)

Bryant’s third sack ends Colts drive early

Departure by car: IND 17 (14:56 3rd)

The Lions force the third-and-six in the Colts’ opener in the second half. Austin Bryant rips around the rim and sacks Sam Ehlinger for a loss of 6 to force a punt.

Lions 13, Colts 13 (12:59 3rd)

Lions score the first TD of the match in the final game of the first half

Car start: DET 46 (1:47 2nd)

Another excellent kick return (45 yards) from Maurice Alexander gives Detroit a great starting position on the field.

David Blough hits Kalil Pimpleton for an 11-yard pass, then hits him again at second-and-7 to make it first-and-10 at Indianapolis 31.

Tom Kennedy helps Detroit move the chains to third-and-1 with a 4-yard reception.

Timeout #1 Detroit (0:38 2nd)

Kennedy catches another 4-yard pass to go second and 6-for-14.

Timeout #2 Detroit (0:31 2nd)

After an unfinished second down, Trinity Benson fires a 9-yard pass for a first down at the 5-yard line.

Timeout #3 Detroit (0:20 2nd)

Detroit found themselves third and down at 5 with 0:03 left in the half, and Blough threw his first touchdown pass of the game to Kennedy in the left back corner of the end zone.

We are all tied before half-time.

Lions 13, Colts 13 (LATE 2ND)

The Colts take the game lead, 13-6, before halftime

Start: IND 45 (4:56 2nd)

Sam Ehlinger’s first throw from the drive is caught by a sliding Kylen Granson for 19 yards. It’s first and 10 at the Detroit 36.

At second-and-5, Lions corner Mark Gilbert is beaten by Mike Strachan, who moves Indianapolis inside the 10 with a 25-yard reception.

A first down penalty on the Colts will make it the first goal of 18. A 3-yard run gets us to the two-minute warning.


Second and goal at 15 to come. Gilbert is beaten again by Strachan, who hits a 15-yard touchdown reception.

Colts 13, Lions 6 (1:55 2nd)

Seibert misses the field goal from 55 yards

Training start: IND 34 (6:19 2nd)

A 61-yard kick return by Maurice Alexander gives the Lions a starting field position at 34.

Two passes to Tom Kennedy net a total of 1 yard and David Blough is sacked on third down.

Austin Seibert’s 55-yard field goal try is out of the right and serves no purpose.

Lions 6, Colts 6 (4:56 2nd)

Colts draw at 6 after interception

Car start: DET 40 (8:31 2nd)

David Blough remains quarterback for the Lions as Detroit takes over with a great starting position.

After two short runs, it’s third and third. Brough throws to Tom Kennedy in the middle in double coverage; his pass is deflected in the air and intercepted by Tony Brown, who returns it to the Detroit 21.

Lions 6, Colts 3 (7:17 2nd)

The Lions quickly force third and 10 with a winless run and a pass breakup by Chris Board. Sam Ehlinger’s third shot to the end zone goes out of bounds.

Jake Verity’s 40-yard field goal is good.

Lions 6, Colts 6 (6:28 2nd)

Colts go 3-and-out after Lions regain lead

Training start: IND 14 (10:32 2nd)

University of Texas product Sam Ehlinger is the Colts quarterback. He’s chased out of bounds by Eric Banks for a sack on his first snap, and two short wins after that will force a quick punt.

Lions 6, Colts 3 (8:31 2nd)

Reynolds shines as Lions regain lead

Car start: DET 27 (1:28 1st)

Craig Reynolds rips back-to-back 11-yard runs to start the Lions’ next practice. That will end the first quarter, as Detroit will have it first and 10 to its own 49 when we return.

END 1ST: Lions 3, Colts 3

The Lions enter Colts territory and face a fourth-and-one; Detroit’s offensive line opens a big hole and Jermar Jefferson gets 7 yards for first and 10 for 35.

Now Justin Jackson picks up the boulder, and he’ll run out for 19 yards. He fumbles on the next play but recovers. He’s second and 13 to 20. The Lions can’t recover from the holeshot and Austin Seibert makes a 40-yard field goal to give the Lions another lead.

Lions 6, Foals 3 (10:36 2nd)

Colts tie Lions at 3 with field goal

Start: IND 28 (7:40 1st)

Indianapolis takes over at 28. Nick Foles will get the first reps at quarterback.

The Lions force a third and a 6 on the first set of downs, but get burned by back-to-back catches from Dezmon Patmon that go for 23 and 20 yards, respectively. First and 10 at the Detroit 25.

Indianapolis converts again on third down, as Foles completes a 9-yard pass to Alec Pierce on third-and-9 to make it first-and-10 for 15.

The Lions eventually force an incomplete third. This will bring out Jake Verity for a 26-yard field goal through the uprights. Draw.

Lions 3, Foals 3 (1:28 1st)

14-game opener gives Lions 3-0 lead

Start of the journey: DET 30 (15:00 1st)

The Colts have won the toss and choose to postpone. The Lions will have the ball first. Maurice Alexander returns the ball 26 yards to the Detroit 30.

David Blough will get the first quarterback reps for the Lions. Craig Reynolds hits 9 yards for third-and-1, which the Lions convert with a 5-yard throw to Kalif Raymond.

Blough moves Detroit into Colts territory at 46 with a chain-shifting 7-yard run. Reynolds keeps the drive alive with a 7-yard run on third-and-4. It’ll be first-and-10 at 33.

Jermar Jefferson catches 9 yards on first down as Blough rushes to 13 for an 11-yard pickup on the next play. The Colts’ red-zone defense tightens, as a throw to Kalif Raymond in double coverage on third-and-7 goes incomplete.

Austin Seibert scores a 28-yard field goal and the Lions have a lead.

Lions 3, Foals 0 (7:40 1st)


The preseason game – the second dress rehearsal for both teams – starts at 1 p.m.

The Lions’ offensive starters put in a solid showing last week 27-23 preseason opener loss to Atlanta Falcons, but Lions head coach Dan Campbell said the team will rest most of its starters on both sides of the ball on Saturday. This should create extended playtime opportunities for those battling for roster spots and roles.

Lions at Colts

To start up: 1 p.m. Saturday, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis

TV/Radio: Fox 2 Detroit / 97.1 FM

Pre-season records: Both teams are 0-1