Broken paths, waterlogged pockets and long traffic jams – Nehru Place, once one of Delhi’s main shopping malls, is plagued with a host of problems, due to official apathy and delayed development projects.

When the Indian Express visited the popular electronics market on Wednesday, unearthed streets, construction waste and malba thrown to the side of the road, and foul-smelling rainwater were common sights. Members of the market association said more than eight months have passed since construction work began on a footbridge, which has made roads narrower and caused perpetual traffic jams. Read more.

In other updates, a 27-year-old American woman allegedly staged her own kidnapping with the help of a Nigerian national to get money from her parents, after she spent it all after reaching India, said investigators. Police said the woman was from Washington DC and was the daughter of a former US Army officer. The US Embassy contacted the Delhi Police about his alleged abduction after his mother contacted them. Learn more here.

Weeks after a medical assistant at Tihar prison was seen taking papers from incarcerated con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar and caught sending them to associates of the latter on WhatsApp, the Directorate of Law Enforcement (ED) has opened an investigation and summoned prison staff for questioning, it is learned. Read more.