FAIRMONT — ISG’s Bob Mickelson provided the Martin County Board of Commissioners with an update on the courthouse roof project during their meeting Tuesday morning.

“We are nearing the end of the project. The standing seam copper – which they are currently working on – they are about 95% (done). By the end of next week they should be done with standing seam copper,” Mickelson said, adding that it was the last major copper work to be done.

He said the rooftop units are expected to arrive in mid-October and work will begin after that. Mickelson said a walkway was added for security reasons and was under construction and would be installed in late October.

The masons, from Renaissance Roofing, are completing the parapet work and once complete, the scaffolding should be dismantled in November.

“I’m sure you noticed the eagles have landed and settled up there, so that’s a good thing.” Mickelson spoke of the four copper eagle statues that were attached to the top corners of the courthouse over the summer.

Commissioner Kathy Smith asked where the water will drain from the roof. This was a topic of conversation several months ago, as the commissioners were told it was uncertain where the original downspout drains led to the basement.

Mickelson said it is currently draining on dirt in the back parking lot.

“I don’t think there’s a direct path for him to go straight into the lake at this point,” Michaelson said.

He said that on the front side the drains will go into the grass, where the water will be absorbed and it will probably never reach the street drains. Out back he said they had to install a trench drain because legally they couldn’t run water on the sidewalk.

The council also discussed the preliminary budget and the 2023 levy. As of now, the levy is 7.53% compared to last year. The board will discuss the budget several times before it is approved in December.

Moving on to other business, Judd Schultz, director of housing services for the Minnesota Valley Action Council, was on hand to request additional funds under the Small Town Development Program (SCDP) for three Trimont households.

For the first house, Schultz said that between when they were bidders and when they were able to do the work, there was a small increase, so they asked for an additional $1,700. For the second household, Schultz said the property was in dire need and an additional $18,180 was requested.

The board approved the first two requests but denied the third request for an additional $8,115.

In other news, County Engineer Kevin Peyman said he received $1,020 in donations in memory of the late Bruce Goraczkowski, a longtime park board member. Peyman said the money would likely be used for some sort of memorial for Goraczkowski at one of the parks.

In other actions, the council:

– Authorized a county absentee ballot and designated the Martin County Courthouse as the absentee ballot location.

– Authorized the promotion of Audra Yankee to full-time Communications Officer for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

— Approved the increase in the hours of the position of Assistant Library Director from 35 hours to 40 hours per week.

— Approved and authorized the recruitment of a position of Head of Audit/Assistant Treasurer in the Office of Audit/Treasurer.

— Approved and authorized the recruitment of a Land Registry Technician position in the Office of the Auditor/Treasurer.

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