Your weather forecast for Cortland County for Sunday January 9, 2022:

A winter weather advisory is in effect until early afternoon as a lot of freezing rain moves through the area.

Precipitation will be constant early and mid-morning. A little sleet or snow can mix in early, but most of the falls should be freezing rain. This will lead to amounts of ice of about a tenth of an inch, but up to a quarter of an inch at some localized and higher elevations.

Precipitation will decrease in the late morning or noon, but sputum freezing drizzle will continue to be possible. By mid-afternoon, the precipitation will change to rain showers for a brief period before changing to showers shortly after sunset.

Travel will be perilous this morning and, for untreated rural roads, until the afternoon.

Southerly winds will also be strong at 10-15 mph with gusts of up to 35 mph. The strongest winds will blow at the higher altitudes.

The intersection of the strongest winds and the greatest amounts of ice could result in sporadic blackouts.

Temperatures will not exceed freezing until mid-afternoon, when highs reach the mid-1930s. A cold front will turn winds northwest in the evening with temperatures dropping into the 1920s. .

Flurries will persist overnight, but with little to no accumulation.

Here is an overview of the weather forecast for the next few days:

Monday: Sun and clouds. Perhaps a late lake effect. Morning lows in the 10 lows. Afternoon summits in the upper 10.

Tuesday: Light lakefront flurries, especially in the morning. Very cold. Morning lows near -5. Afternoon highs in the middle of 0.

Wednesday: Clouds and a little sun. Morning lows near -5. Afternoon peaks in the upper 20s.

Thusday: A few showers. Morning lows near 20. Afternoon highs in mid-1930s.