Your Cortland County weather forecast for Saturday, June 25, 2022:

(Photo source: Stephen Yang of The Cortland Voice).

Today will be a classic summer day with sunshine, fair weather clouds and warm temperatures.

Sunny skies will dominate the morning before fair weather clouds begin to form. Fair weather clouds will remain small and will be joined by thin cirrus clouds in the afternoon.

Fair weather clouds will dissipate by sunset, but thin clouds will gradually increase this evening.

No rain will fall from any of the clouds during the day or night.

The winds will be almost calm today. If a breeze is felt, it will come from the southeast. Daytime wind gusts will be less than 10 mph.

The wind will begin to strengthen tonight from the south. Wind speed should increase to over 5 mph, but below 10 mph. Gusts will only reach around 15 mph, however.

High temperatures this afternoon will reach the mid 80s. Dew points will remain comfortably low in the mid 50s. Evening temperatures will drop into the 70s reaching an overnight low in the mid 60s.

Here is an overview of the weather forecast for the next few days:

Sunday: Sun and clouds. Showers and thunderstorms after sunset. Morning lows in mid 60s. Afternoon highs near 90s.

Monday: Sun and clouds. Cooler. Morning lows in the 60s. Afternoon highs in the 70s.

Tuesday: Sun and clouds. Morning lows near 50. Afternoon highs near 70.

Wednesday: Sun and clouds. Morning lows near 50. Afternoon highs near 80.