MEMPHIS, Tenn. – One East Memphis neighborhood is an example of what was left, bags of leaves and tree branches lined the street after the storm.

Memphis city officials are urging people to take the necessary precautions in anticipation of inclement weather. All eyes are on the sky as the Mid-South anticipates a wet forecast with the potential for high winds.

We spotted crews working near the airport today. They were wearing rain gear and replacing a power pole.

Across the street we noticed several fallen branches, potentially from the recent ice storm.

Preventing issues like this and dealing with issues like suspended members keeps Jason Sengel and his company Robinson Tree Service busy.

“The more crazy weather we have, the more important and pressing it is to get there,” Sengel said.

They work 24 hours a day.

“There’s more than we can do in any given day,” Sengel said. “We are doing our best.”

Sengel has this warning with heavy rain: “The main problem with trees and rain would be soil saturation,” Sengel said. “So if you have a tree that may already have partially compromised roots or the ice storm, that could potentially lead to uprooting issues.”

If you think you have a weak tree, Sengel suggests keeping cars or other property away from it. So if something falls, your property will not be on the way to destruction.

“If it’s raining a lot, the tree guys can’t come out and do their job like they normally would,” Sengel said.

The city of Memphis is also monitoring the debris. They urge people to make sure they don’t block storm drains and keep drains and gutters around your home clear.
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