Forecast updated Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 3:35 a.m. by WBOC meteorologist Mike Lichniak

Today: Sunny. Highs: 77-83. Winds: N 5-10 mph.

Tonight: Clear. Minimums: 50-64. Winds: N-NE 5-10 mph.

Friday: Sunny. Highs: 78-84. Winds: NE 5-10 mph.

Friday evening: clear. Minimums: 58-68. Winds: NE-E 5-10 mph.

Saturday: Rather sunny. Tops: 80-85. Winds: SE 5-15 mph.

Sunday: Fairly sunny. Tops: 82-88. Winds: SE-S 5-15 mph.

A very calm weather pattern is moving across Delmarva as high pressure takes control for the rest of the work week and into the weekend. We will have very comfortable conditions for most of the bike week with temperatures in the 70s and low temperatures in the 80s Thursday through Saturday with morning temps in the 50s through tomorrow morning. In fact, I’m even going to take a risk and say that our coolest communities wake up in quarantine on Friday mornings. It will be a nice touch of autumn in the air until the start of the weekend.

As the high eventually begins to slip off the coast, the wind will eventually begin to turn southeast and south over the weekend. This will cause temperatures to warm with highs in the mid to above 80s by Sunday and Monday. It will also start to raise the humidity and make things a little more uncomfortable on the weekends as well.

There are indications that this high pressure ridge could break down enough that a weak front could bring a shower or storm to the forecast early next week. At this point, I’ll keep things dry for now with indications that the heat will definitely return with highs near 90 degrees by the middle of next week. A chance of a few showers and thunderstorms actually comes into the forecast next Thursday afternoon and evening.