Andy Dalton led Chicago on an 18-game, 69-yard run in the fourth quarter that gave Cairo Santos a 28-yard field goal to give the Bears a 16-14 victory in the Thanksgiving Day opener.

Dalton was able to efficiently move the ball through the air for much of the day, having clocked 24 for 39 for 317 yards and a 17-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter for Jimmy Graham. Darnell Mooney was his most effective target, as Mooney racked up 123 yards on five receptions, including a 52-yard one that set Graham’s score.

Jared Goff was very efficient, completing 21 of 25 games and two touchdowns, but it was mostly dink and dunk passing, as the Lions only gained 163 net passing yards that day.

It was an injury-filled day as Detroit lost D’Andre Swift to a shoulder injury in the first quarter and the Bears went without Roquan Smith for much of the game due to illness. hamstring. It also featured 15 penalties, 10 punters, a missed field goal and questionable management of the clock by the Lions, as Detroit tried to call back-to-back timeouts at the end of the fourth quarter and the resulting penalty was helped close the winning race for Chicago.

Chicago (4-7) hosts Arizona next week. Detroit (0-10-1) has a home game with Minnesota in Week 13.

(Photo: Mike Mulholland / Getty Images)