Published on April 04, 2022

This report is published every day of the week, except on public holidays. The information contained in each report covers significant criminal incidents usually from the day before; reports published on Monday cover the preceding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some incidents may appear a day or two after the event. This report is not a complete listing of all police occurrences in Arlington County in the time period indicated. The addresses given indicate blocks and not specific addresses. For more information on crime in your area, visit our online crime mapping tool.

Note: The information in the Daily Crime Report is generally based on initial reports made to the police department. Follow-up surveys may reveal different or additional information. All persons arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court.


FLIGHT, 2022-04040042, 5800 block of Washington Boulevard. At around 4:26 a.m. on April 4, police were dispatched to report a forcible robbery. Upon arrival, it was determined that at approximately 4:15 a.m. the victim was sitting in his parked vehicle when the suspect vehicle pulled up alongside him and three unknown male suspects exited. Suspects opened the driver and passenger side doors of the victim’s vehicle, during which Suspect One brandished a knife, Suspect Two punched the victim and stole his cell phone, and Suspect Three stole the door. victim’s keys, containing his car and house keys. When the suspects asked the victim to get out of his vehicle, the victim began to honk his horn. The suspects then fled in their vehicle described as a black sedan. The victim did not sustain serious injuries and refused treatment from doctors. The three suspects are described as black males, around 20 to 25 years old, all wearing black clothing. The investigation is ongoing.

SEXUAL BATTERY, 2022-04010306, 1700 block of the Richmond Highway. At around 10:48 p.m. on April 1, police were dispatched to report an assault. Upon arrival, it was determined that the juvenile victim was inside an elevator when the unknown suspect grabbed the victim’s buttocks. The suspect then left the elevator to go to another floor. The suspect is described as a black female with thick black hair, approximately 5ft 5in tall and wearing all black clothing. The investigation is ongoing.

INDECENT EXPOSURE (Late), 2022-04010137, 800 block of N. Manchester Street. Around 12:19 p.m. on April 1, police were dispatched for the late finding of an indecent assault. Upon arrival, it was determined that at approximately 11:50 a.m. the victim was walking through the area when she saw the unknown male suspect walk past her with his genitals exposed. The suspect then fled on foot. The suspect is described as a male of unknown race, approximately 20-30 years old, wearing a dark gray hoodie and navy blue shorts. The investigation is ongoing.

AUTO THEFT2022-03310073, block 400 of Long Bridge Drive

STOLEN SELF RECOVERED2022-03310085, 4000 block of 5and N road.

LIFTING AT THE FACILITY2022-03310089 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT2022-03310197 Block 2700 Wilson Blvd

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-03310267, 500 block of 12and Streets.

THREATS2022-04010082 Block 2800 Wilson Blvd

FLIGHT2022-04010085, 3000 block of Washington Boulevard

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-04010125 Columbia Pike Block 4100

FLIGHT2022-04010157 Block 1000 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT2022-04010170, Crystal Drive at 18and Streets.

FLIGHT2022-04010187, 3100 block of Langston Blvd.

AUTO THEFT2022-04010221 800 Block S. Ivy Street

FLIGHT2022-04010225 1500 Block N. Lancaster St.

FLIGHT2022-04010269 Block 600 N. Glebe Road

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-04020023 2300 Block N. Edgewood St.

AUTO THEFT2022-04020086, block 1900 of S. Walter Reed Drive

AUTO THEFT2022-04020123 1800 Block N. Nash St.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-04020138 Block 1500 N. Rolfe Street

LIFTING AT THE FACILITY2022-04020148 Block 600 N. Glebe Road

DISORDERED CONDUCT2022-04020247, 4800 block Old Dominion Drive

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-04020248 Block 2000 Wilson Blvd.

FLIGHT2022-04020250 Block 600 N. Glebe Road

VEHICLE HANDLING2022-04030028, 3800 block of 9and Roads.

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-04030056 N. Pershing Drive to N. Quebec Street

THREATS2022-04030099 Block 1400 N. Courthouse Road

STOLEN SELF RECOVERED2022-04030138 Block 800 of Army Navy Drive

ASSAULT AND BATTERY2022-04030151 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.


04/02/22, VA UBE8375, 2014 Honda Accord, Gray
1200 Block of N. Stafford Street


FLIGHT2022-04014001 Block 1500 Wilson Blvd

FLIGHT2022-04014002 Block 1500 Wilson Blvd

FRAUD2022-04014003 700 Block N. Florida St.

FLIGHT2022-04014005 Columbia Pike Block 1900

VEHICLE HANDLING2022-04014006, 3200 block of 9and Streets.

AUTO THEFT2022-04014007, 3800 block of 9and Roads.

AUTO THEFT2022-04014008 Block 4600 of S. Four Mile Run Drive

AUTO THEFT2022-04014009 Block 2600 S. Walter Reed Drive

HARASSMENT2022-04014010, 2100 block of 26and Streets.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES2022-04014011 Spout Run Parkway 3000 Block

FLIGHT2022-04014012 Block 1500 Wilson Blvd.

IDENTITY THEFT2022-04014013, 6000 block of 1st N Street.

FLIGHT2022-04014014 1400 Block N. Taft St.

FLIGHT2022-04014015 Block 1500 Wilson Blvd.

VEHICLE HANDLING2022-04014016, 3600 block of 9and Streets.

AUTO THEFT2022-04014017, 6800 block of Langston Blvd.

FLIGHT2022-04014018, 4500 block of 6and Streets.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES2022-04014019 Block 2900 Arlington Blvd.

FRAUD2022-04014021 2000 Block N. Buchanan St.

FRAUD2022-04014022 Block 800 of S. Arlington Mill Drive

FRAUD2022-04014023 Block 4000 Campbell Ave

FRAUD2022-04014024, 5100 block of 25and N road.

AUTO THEFT2022-04024001 1500 Block N. Edgewood St.

IDENTITY THEFT2022-04024004, 900 block of S. George Mason Drive

FRAUD2022-04024005 Block 2300 N. Dinwiddie St.

IDENTITY THEFT2022-04024006 800 Block S. Greenbrier St.

AUTO THEFT2022-04024007 900 Block N. Stuart Street

FRAUD2022-04024008 Block 1300 N. Troy St.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES2022-04024009 2200 Block S. Clark Street

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY2022-04044003 1500 Block N. Pierce St.

AUTO THEFT2022-04044004 900 Block N. Stuart St.

AUTO THEFT2022-04044005 3400 Block S. Stafford Street

IDENTITY THEFT2022-04044007 Block 1200 N. Taylor St.