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Afternoon update: scattered showers in the evening, with a hot and humid repeat on Tuesday


* Flash flood warning for Northwest Prince George’s County until 7 p.m.*

5:10 p.m. – High seas rescues reported in central Prince George’s County after 3 inches of rain in just over an hour

A slow-moving thunderstorm with torrential rain moved through north-central Prince George’s County and dumped more than 3 inches of rain just north of Landover, triggering a flash flood alert. The National Weather Service reported that the Prince George’s County Fire and Rescue Service was deploying boats to perform water rescues along MD-201 Kenilworth Avenue between MD-450 Annapolis Road and MD-410 Riverdale Road. “Seven vehicles were stranded,” the weather service wrote. “The police have closed the road.”

The causative thunderstorm moved south and southeast of the flash flood warning area and weakened somewhat.

Still, keep an eye out for the weather until tonight as with the air so humid, widely scattered storms could continue to unleash heavy rain and cause some localized flooding issues.

We picked up another 90 degree day and high humidity made it feel even hotter. Heat indices were around 100 this afternoon. Almost instant sweat, then lots more to follow. High temperatures mixed with high humidity to bring some intense showers and thunderstorms to the area this afternoon. They will fade with the sunset. We start all over again on Tuesday.

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Until tonight : A shower or a storm will bother some places in the evening. Many arise and die quickly, but some could spill a few centimeters quickly, causing isolated flooding. This activity should mostly fade away as the sun sets. With the humidity retaining the heat, the lows are far from low. They are mostly found between the mid-70s and near-80s.

To see the current weather at the Washington Post.

Tomorrow (Tuesday): It will be a sort of repeat of today, but maybe a bit warmer version. Partial sunshine and cloudy air will bring puffy clouds producing showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. A few storms could be strong to severe, with the main threat outside being lightning, heavy rain and isolated damaging winds. Before any rain, temperatures will head into the low and mid-90s. Heat index values ​​will be near or above 100 at most.

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Pollen Update: Mold spores are low/moderate, as is weed and grass pollen. Tree pollen is low.

Days at 90 degrees: In the past 30 days, there have been 17 days at 90 or above, compared to around 15 normally. While the district continues to perform a little below average to date, we are closing in on 27 so far. According to averages from 1991 to 2010 used by the weather service, the city has two delays out of the typical 29 to date.

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