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Afternoon update: Hot and stormy weather continues through the weekend


The recent weather is certainly on schedule, but that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. The heat and humidity continue, as do the daily risks of thunderstorms at the end of the day. As in recent days, any storms that develop will be scattered in nature, but will likely bring heavy downpours and localized flooding.

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Until tonight : Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible in the late afternoon and early evening. Any storm that develops will move slowly and feature heavy downpours, which could lead to localized flooding. Chances of a storm will decrease after midnight, but will remain uncomfortable overnight, with temperatures and dew points in the mid-70s.

To see the current weather at the Washington Post.

Tomorrow Sunday): More of the same on Sunday, with hot, humid conditions and the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. Temperatures will hit the low 90s and high humidity levels will push the heat index to near triple digits at times. Scattered thunderstorms with heavy showers are likely to develop in the afternoon and evening. Showers and the chance of a storm will lessen after dark, and it will be another warm and humid overnight period with temperatures and dew points in the low to mid-70s.

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